Welcome to Thistledown and Company Quilts ~ online quilt supplies

Welcome to Thistledown and Company Quilts ~ online quilt supplies

Welcome to Thistledown and Company Quilts ~ online quilt suppliesWelcome to Thistledown and Company Quilts ~ online quilt suppliesWelcome to Thistledown and Company Quilts ~ online quilt supplies

Hello fellow quilters! We have Whisperlite tracer/ foundation for quilting & lots of great quilt patterns, and quilt notions.

Continue on for all things Quilty.....


Welcome Quilter's...

Yes, the country and the world are in the midst of an unimaginable crisis with the corona virus. Sadly we have no clear cut answers as to when things will get back to something resembling normal. 

I pray that you and yours will be safe and will cope with our challenges ahead. 

As you know if you're a quilter, you have a whole family of quilt sisters around you, figuratively that is, because we need to be socially distant for now. 

Stay connected anyway you can and find peace at your sewing machine. 

We continue to ship orders. 

 If you need a new pattern to inspire you, or need some Whisperlite foundation for a project we'll get it on it's way to you. 

Stay well

Thanks bunches, Linda

About Thistledown and Company

Why we quilt

 Like you, quilting, buying fabric at local quilt shops, cutting fabric, getting a new quilt project and playing with color, brings me peace, excitement and satisfaction.

I know that quilt patterns with clear and accurate instructions are important to you when you decide to make a new quilt. I have designed a wide variety of quilt patterns and make sure I include easy to follow instructions. You will find applique patterns, and pieced quilt patterns. Some are bright and playful, some are subtle and subdued, and some in between. Pick one out and make something to feed your creative soul. While you are browsing quilt blogs, take a moment to visit mine, 

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You're going to love Whisperlite tracer/foundation....

Yes! This is where you'll find  Whisperlite tracer/foundation interfacing material for all your quilting creativity, along with numerous quilt patterns to inspire. keep scrolling.....

For quilters...

I believe in sharing quilting knowledge and when I developed Whisperlite, and when I design patterns, I have you in mind. I want to make it easy for you to create.

I will post new tutorials on my blog and if you're looking for something specific drop a comment so I know what it is.

Whisperlite tracer/foundation for Quilting

How do I use Whisperlite tracer/foundation for quilting?

How do I use Whisperlite tracer/foundation for quilting?

How do I use Whisperlite tracer/foundation for quilting?


What is Whisperlite tracer/foundation, and how do I use it?

I developed Whisperlite as a super, lightweight, foundation alternative to using muslin as a foundation for string quilts or crazy quilts. No need to remove it when your done and it doesn't add weight or bulk to your project! 

It's an excellent, ultra lightweight base for building collage quilts, and also to use instead of paper for paper-pieced quilt blocks. 

You can also do wonderful things with felted wool using Whisperlite tracer, like making a wool smoothie. Whisperlite foundation is also fantastic for preparing appliques for either hand or machine applique.

You can also use it to trace designs for hand embroidery and to mark your quilt top for quilting. Check out the quilting techniques using Whisperlite tracer/foundation and then hop over to my blog for full tutorials on how to use Whisperlite tracer/foundation. There's more to come....

String Piecing Quilt tutorial

How do I use Whisperlite tracer/foundation for quilting?

How do I use Whisperlite tracer/foundation for quilting?


Whisperlite string piecing tutorial....

How to string piece a quilt block using Whisperlite tracer/foundation

String piecing is a great way to utilize your fabric scraps or use up some of your precious fabric stash. 

String piecing on a foundation will stabilize your work along with any bias edges. Traditionally, muslin was used as a foundation, but muslin adds a lot of extra weight to your finished quilt. Sometimes paper foundations are used but then when you are done stitching you have to tear away all the paper. 

Very messy and time consuming. Don't know about you but I'd rather spend my time stitching. 

By using Whisperlite as the foundation there is no need to remove it when you are done sewing and it is super lightweight. 

Click here for the full tutorial on my blog.

Collage quilt tutorial

How do I use Whisperlite tracer/foundation for quilting?

Easy turn quilt appliques


Build your fabric Collage Quilt designs on Whisperlite;

Whisperlite is a fantastic alternative for voile or muslin, as a super lightweight foundation to build your fabric collages on.

It won't add extra bulk or weight to your collage and it trims away nice and clean.

Here's how you do it...

Simply cut a piece of Whisperlite lslightly larger than your collage drawing. Tape the Whisperlite over your drawing and trace your design onto the Whisperlite with a #2 pencil or washout marker.

Build your fabric collage onto the Whisperlite foundation. Whisperlite is not a fusible product.You will add a lightweight fusible web of your choice to the wrong side of your fabrics. Cut out your prepared fabric pieces and fuse them to the Whisperlite foundation. Once your collage is completely built, then simply trim away the extra Whisperlite from the outside edges.  Now your collage is ready to place onto your background. 

Click here for the tutorial on my blog.

Easy turn quilt appliques

Paper-piecing with Whisperlite

Easy turn quilt appliques


Use Whisperlite to prepare turned edge appliques. By using Whisperlite you can get the same look of needle turn applique, but a bit faster and easier. This technique is great for beginners, and for anyone that has limited hand movement, or hand pain that makes needle turn applique to difficult to manage

Click here for the full tutorial

Paper-piecing with Whisperlite

Paper-piecing with Whisperlite

Paper-piecing with Whisperlite


coming soon......

Wool Smoothie tutorial

Paper-piecing with Whisperlite

Paper-piecing with Whisperlite


What  is a wool smoothie? if you've ever worked with felted wool or woolfelt  you know it's a wonderful medium to create with. It comes in many  luscious colors and textures and is a fabulous fiber to embellish with  hand or machine stitches.

One  drawback is when it comes to piecing a seam with felted wool. Because  it is a thicker, bulkier material, the seams are thick and bulky too.  Using Whisperlite as a super lightweight foundation will allow you to  make a pieced wool project without the bumpy lumpy seams that  traditional piecing would produce. This can be used with either felted  wool or woolfelt.
So.....lets make a wool smoothie. Click here to go to my blog for the tutorial

quilting and stitching tips

watch that extra spool of thread

watch that extra spool of thread

watch that extra spool of thread


Parking a spare spool of thread as you see in the picture above can result in a trip to your sewing machine service center.
Centrifugal force created inside by the shaft spinning behind the hand wheel, can suck the thread tail into the machine.
Yes, really.  I've seen it at least twice at the shop I work at.
This is what was pulled out of one customers machine...Yikes!

Did you see.....

watch that extra spool of thread

watch that extra spool of thread


Here's a tip for stitching seams around small curves or circles.
You will get a smoother seam if you shorten your stitch length to 1.5 or 2.0 mm instead of the commonly used 2.5 stitch length.

Did you know that Schmetz needles are now color coding their sewing machine needles?
You can go to their site and download a chart to print. How fabulous is that?

Quilter's Q&A

watch that extra spool of thread

Quilter's Q&A


This handy how-to quilt book is compact, yet loaded with so much useful quilting knowledge.  
It has fully laminated pages to write on with dry erase markers so you can make note of your quilt block sizes etc.
It is an excellent quilt reference book with frequently used techniques, sizing, setting triangle formulas, decimal conversions, and so much more... right at your fingertips. 
It continues to be a quilt customer favorite and I'm happy to say  it's back in stock ready to ship. You'll want to keep it close by in  your sewing basket because of all the helpful important tips and  essential quilt formulas.This link will take you right to the order page. 
Order the Quilter's Q & A book today for yourself or any of your dear quilting friends.

Going Batty

Quilter's Q&A



Always make sure you are using the correct type of thread for your project. Do NOT use hand quilting thread in your sewing machine and never use invisible (clear) thread on a baby quilt. 

Going Batty

Going Batty

Going Batty


Do you have stacks of batting pieces leftover from trimming your quilts?
go green and recycle them into something else....
Here's a new way to recycle your  quilt batting into yarn to knit with! Yes.... to knit with. Cotton  batting turns into lovely soft yarn and it's so easy to do. I have  designed 3 patterns using quilt batting to knit with to get you started.
The pattern category is called Earthknits and you can just click the link to go there. Basically  all you do is cut the batting into strips (approx. 3/8") and knot them  together. You can dye your batting or use it as is, it's up to you. Just  make sure to dye it before cutting it into strips... take my word for  it, it's much easier that way.
Depending on the project you combine the  batting yarn with other yarn, or use it all by itself. Give it a try and  whittle down your stack of batting scraps.


Going Batty

Going Batty


Ask for my patterns, my book, or Whisperlite at your favorite quilt shop. If  they don't carry it you can order here from my site by clicking the view products or shop link.
If your local shop wants to carry my products they can contact me for wholesale information.
Here are the links to shops that some of my patterns and products. Bear with me as I build this list. If you're missing from the list let me know - I'm a blond after all.

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Annie's Crafts (formerly Clotilde)
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Cotton Patch Quilt Shop
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Bigsby's Sewing Center

Lone Star Quiltworks

Fox Cities Quilt Co.


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